Сообщения за январь, 2021

Intellectual potential law, Vladimir Shchevaev - Выпуск 1 полугодие 2021, 07.01.2021

    Dear colleagues! Intellectual property is “invisible oil” of the world economy. But, the intellectual property conception is very archaic. Modern intellectual property conception can't ensuring that all users, policy makers, companies and institutions in global innovation community can participate in existing intellectual property ecosystem, because creations of the mind have different legal status from country to country. For this reason I offer INTELLECTUAL POTENTIAL LAW conception. In my INTELLECTUAL POTENTIAL LAW conception all objects of intellectual property will be totally included in the circle of objects of intellectual potential (see fig. IP diagram). Thus, we will get the inclusive global intellectual potential ecosystem that will serve the interests of all countries and their stakeholders. Objects of intellectual potential will be vested the status of intellectual property under national and international legislation and treatments. All other objects of intelle