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Dear colleagues!
Intellectual property is “invisible oil” of the world economy. But, the intellectual property conception is very archaic. Modern intellectual property conception can't ensuring that all users, policy makers, companies and institutions in global innovation community can participate in existing intellectual property ecosystem, because creations of the mind have different legal status from country to country.

For this reason I offer INTELLECTUAL POTENTIAL LAW conception.
In my INTELLECTUAL POTENTIAL LAW conception all objects of intellectual property will be totally included in the circle of objects of intellectual potential (see fig. IP diagram).
Thus, we will get the inclusive global intellectual potential ecosystem that will serve the interests of all countries and their stakeholders. Objects of intellectual potential will be vested the status of intellectual property under national and international legislation and treatments. All other objects of intellectual potential will count as possible objects of intellectual property (for example, scientific discoveries etc.).

Abbreviation WIPO (World Intellectual Potential Organization) is written equal to WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), and abbreviation IP (Intellectual Potential) can be written equal to IP (Intellectual Property), so even the international trademarks will not suffer. Long time trademarks can co exist without harming each other. In the future, Intellectual Potential and Intellectual Property abbreviations can get difference and new writing:
~ Intellectual Potential (IP)
~ Intellectual Property (IPy)

Dear colleagues, please, pay attention to my conception of INTELLECTUAL POTENTIAL LAW and offer it to the international community. My conception will allow us to bring the positions of all countries to a common standard of intellectual property management and will create a new architecture of legal relations in the field of intellectual potential, which contributes to the strengthening of peace.

Best regards
Head of electronic journal “Intellectual potential law, V. N. Shchevaev”,
patent lawyer
Vladimir Shchevaev

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